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We do not believe we are superhumans. We believe everyone has the right to be happy and healthy. Anyone can accomplish what we have achieved – be it mindset, performance, aesthetics, or general health. We live what we preach and our positive energy and outlook on life is contagious. That’s why we welcome you to join the ATEAM and allow our experience as trainers, athletes and nutritional coaches to help you be successful on your OWN journey!

Alex Hipwell

A Dancer, Choreographer, Body Builder, Nike Master Trainer and Mother, with over 20 years experience in the fitness and entertainment industry.

Alex embraces the health and fitness lifestyle wholeheartedly.  Born into an active family, she represented at state level for Netball and Swimming before pursuing a Dancing and Choreography career at a grand international level.  From Motherhood to Nike Master Trainer, Alex is passionate, energetic and inspirational.

Achieving German Champion Figure Athlete, overall International Figure Champion, Vice World Champion and Arnold Classic Champion for IFBB and a Foodspring Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, Alex brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to her clients and the people she meets.

Alex is known for her creativity and fitness forecasting. She has been the creator behind some of Europe’s leading Boutique Fitness studios. Building the methods, training the trainers and building the ultimate member journey.

Integrating her personal fitness success with her business goals, Alex has successfully designed and lead International Women’s Fitness Retreats, and established herself as a respected, in demand Personal Trainer to some of Europe’s most influential stars and athletes.

Alex is motivated to educate, inspire and continue to empower those she meets.

Martin Johansen​

A nutritional coach, crossfit athlete, certified crossfit trainer, tennis player, with a passion for the science around food, training and the human body. In addition, as an experienced business manager, coaching and working with people is at the very center of what drives Martin. 

Martin lives and breathes what he preaches. Having gone through several body transformations, testing various forms of training and diets, he knows the importance of tailoring training and nutrition for each individual. Starting out early with skiing, Martin shifted his focus at the age of 10 and pursued tennis actively in Norway, before representing University of Mellbourne in their tennis team during his studies.

After completing a degree in Finance and Management, Martin has built and managed teams and individuals across the globe for the past 11 years. He believes coaching and personal development should be at the core of every company to ensure success individually, as well as on company basis. His last project was leading the country teams and internationalization at Foodspring, where his passion for nutrition really went to the next level. Working with the best in the industry allowed him to gain a deep knowledge around the scientific part of what we eat, when we eat and how much.

Martin is known for always cooking up a feast of healthy food with unhealthy flavors. Those guilty pleasures do not have to be bad for you. Achieving your fitness goals, whether it is to lose or gain weight, most often starts with your nutrition. Martin therefore strongly believes going on a diet is not the way to go. Rather finding a sustainable and balanced way of eating, which you can maintain year after year will more likely take you where you want to go – and keep you there.

In addition to food and nutrition, Martin is an avid CrossFit athlete and trainer. His combination as an athlete and business manager allows him to guide, teach and develop people on their fitness and nutrition journey very effectively.

Martin is inspired to continue to work with people and share his knowledge and experience to help people reach their own fitness goals.

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